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General Chad Support

Education is the door to freedom, democracy and development.

Nelson Mandela

Build a Well

The beautiful thing about a desert is that there is a hidden well somewhere that can save a life.

Many African communities rely on sources of water that are unsafe to drink, causing community members to contract waterborne illnesses such as cholera. Every eight seconds, a child dies as a result of contracting waterborne diseases. Somang Society is committed to helping these communities.

Chad, Africa is a country that is severely affected by this water crisis. The cost of building a well for a community is $3,500, which includes five years of maintenance and repairs. The well is able to provide safe drinking water for a community consisting of up to 4,000 residents. Due to your generous contributions, we have witnessed the way safe drinking water has transformed people’s lives.

I hope the Somang Well project will bring together the love and dedication of as many people as possible in order to save the lives of people in communities on barren lands in Africa. We hope that the love of supporters for those suffering will spread to those in Africa, and we are looking for the support of donors.

Somang School

The right society can only be achieved by giving children a genuine education.

It is time to plant hope for children who do not have access to education and furthermore are unable to dream of a future. For $48,000, we can build a school for the children. Nine schools have been built so far, and several more will be constructed in the future.

The Somang Preschool project is carrying out this goal by providing educational opportunities to children in African communities who live with unease about the future. We hope that the love of supporters for those in need will spread to those in Africa, and we are looking for the support of donors.

Sponsor a Student

Students attending Somang schools have hope for an education and a brighter future.  However, a school is just a building without additional support to help it thrive and be an important part of the community.

When you sponsor a student attending Somang school, the student receives

  • education by a qualified teacher
  • clean uniform
  • suitable books for learning
  • provided with meals and safe drinking water
  • school supplies

The community also benefits by having a source of clean drinking water and sharing of qualified teachers and books.

Please consider sponsoring a student to continue their journey to a better future.