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Well Being


There are many programs in Chad that are offered to help those living with poverty.  If you would like to support our aid programs in Chad, please click the “General Chad Support” button.  To sponsor a student or help build wells or schools in Chad, click the appropriate button below.

Sponsor a Student

Even after a school is built, more financial help is needed for the community to fully benefit from this gift.  Your commitment to sponsor a student attending one of these schools will ensure a brighter future for the children and the community.

Build a Well

Water is a valuable resource that many people cannot take for granted.  Somang Society is committed to helping those who are suffering from water scarcity by building water wells.  Won’t you help?

Support Our Schools

Educational opportunities bring hope to communities for a better future.  Somang Society has already built nine schools in Chad.  We are looking to build more with your help!

Well Aging


Become a Member

Become a member and continue your support of our organization!

Care Class Support

Somang Care Class is a weekly activity class for those living with dementia.  Financial support is needed to provide such an invaluable service to our Korean American seniors in Orange County and Los Angeles areas.    

Well Dying


YouTube Content

Visit our YouTube channel for fantastic content!  Please donate to help us produce even better videos. We strive for excellence and appreciate your support in funding our equipment and resources. Thank you!

Quarterly Newsletter

Our latest Korean language newsletter contains information that benefits many Korean Americans in our community. Our team is dedicated in producing valuable content, and we would appreciate your continued support for its success.

Senior Resource Guide

Our biennial Senior Resource Guide is an essential tool for Korean American Seniors to successfully navigate life challenges.  Your contribution will enable us to continue publishing this valuable resource.  Thank you for supporting our community!