Who We Are

Welcome to Somang Society

I thank God for placing in my heart the cause that I have worked on for a decade now.  They say that this is what a calling is.  You can’t erase it even if you tried; it’s always on your mind, and it moves your heart.  Because of people with this kind of heart and their prayers, I have brought up a small seed.

The purpose of Somang Society is to understand death and the chaos associated with the process. We want to build a social support system for people to overcome these desperate situations.

Life is said to be finished by death. Like “well being” and “well dying,” I want to finish life and death more beautifully.

Everyone desires to enjoy a happy life. As a piece of a puzzle, Somang Society plays a vital role in this process. Through this place, we share stories of hope. I hope that beautifully prepared lives can be beautifully finished.

Boon Ja Lee

President/Board Chair

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to promote ‘Beautiful Life and Meaningful End’ of Asian American seniors. We believe “Beautiful Life and Meaningful End” are fulfilled through dignified living and advanced planning of end-of-life by embracing death as an essential part of life and preparing for it as we prepare for birth and marriage.

We empower Asian American seniors to impact our communitites by fostering “Well Being, Well Aging and Well Dying”.

Well Being


As an organization that values the lives of individuals around the world, we encourage Asian American seniors to develop a beautiful culture of donation and be an important part of saving and inspiring lives by building clean water wells and schools for communities in need.

Well Aging


We provide volunteer opportunities for Asian American seniors and train them to help fellow Asian American seniors to live a better-quality of life by maintaining their dignity, levels of understanding, and mutual respect.

Well Dying


Seminars/webinars, forums, and conferences in Korean and/or in English to Korean translation are offered to help improve the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of Korean American seniors about aging, dementia prevention/care, and advanced care planning.

Somang Society is a Non-Profit Corporation (#77-0695791) founded in California, USA in June 2007.

It is operated through donations from the founder, board of directors, members and sponsors.  We have honest management and are 100% transparent.

We value


All of Somang Society’s programs are intended to establish the dignity of human life.


We transparently maintain political neutrality and operate finance and programs.


We work with community and mainstream non-profit organizations to share up to date information. (Our partners: UCI, ALZOC, ALZLA, CCCC, Chiron Total.)